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About Forchn Group

Forchn Holdings Group is a Shanghai-based investment holding company established in 1992, specializing in e-commerce logistics services, ecommerce real estate, health & wellness, manufacturing and investment management. Its various regional holdings include the SGX-listed REIT with an asset portfolio of S$1.4 billion (EC World REIT), focused on E-Commerce and specialized logistics real estate. Forchn was also a founding shareholder of Alibaba’s Cai Niao Network and Ruyicang E-commerce Logistics Services. Its recent acquisition of the Hangzhou Fuchun Resort marked the Group’s entry into the highly promising health and wellness services and real estate sector in China. Its current portfolio of well-known China brands also includes the 400-year old cutlery brand, Zhang Xiao Quan.

For more information about Forchn Group, please visit http://www.forchn.com.cn/


About Forchn International

Forchn International Pte Ltd (“Forchn International”) is the overseas headquarters of Forchn Holdings, with offices in both Hong Kong and Singapore. Forchn International brings the Group’s know-how and expertise to capitalize on the growth of Asia, outside of China. Drawing on the deep capital markets in Hong Kong and the inherent proximity of Singapore to Southeast Asia, Forchn International serves to expand Forchn Group’s presence and asset portfolio regionally.

E-commerce Logistics

As a founding shareholder of Alibaba Group’s Logistics platform – Cainiao Network, Forchn has continued to develop deep expertise in E-commerce logistics and omni-channel supply chain management. Forchn’s Ruyicang provides professional logistics services to leading e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba’s LST new retail platform, VIP.com to enable the rapid fulfilment of online commerce for both the B2C, B2B and B2B2C markets.

In addition to supporting the growth of ecommerce in China, Forchn is also using Singapore and Hong Kong as their regional hubs, to grow with our customers and partners as they venture into the Southeast Asian region to bring the latest in ecommerce expertise.

Logistics Real Estate

Logistics real estate is one of the key pillars of Forchn’s real estate expertise. Leveraging on the Group’s deep operational experience in ecommerce, specialised and port logistics, the Group is able to design and construct fit-for-purpose efficient logistics facilities as well as rapidly rent stabilising these assets. With the rapid demand for modern logistics facilities in both China and Southeast Asia, Forchn has begun to tap the capital markets to create specialised logistics real estate private equity funds with leading players such as Cinda Asset Management and YCH Group, to accelerate the development of modern logistics facilities in the region.

In 2016, Forchn Holdings Group successfully sponsored the listing of EC World Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) on the Singapore Exchange Mainboard. EC World REIT currently has a diversified portfolio of income-producing real estate which is used primarily for e-commerce and specialised supply-chain management purposes, with an initial geographical focus on the PRC. The portfolio has an aggregate Net Leasable Area of 747,173 sq m and a total appraised value of approximately S$1.4 billion.

Health and Wellness

On October 31st, 2016, Hangzhou Fuchun Resort was acquired by Gongwang Health Fund led by Forchn Holdings Group. As a starting chapter entering the promising health and wellness industry, Forchn Group will transform Fuchun Resort into a one-stop high-end health and living platform integrating business and leisure holiday, culture and arts, health and wellness service.

Construction Materials

Forchn’s construction materials segment mainly includes our wholly owned Hangzhou Jiaqi, a leading supplier of Autoclaved Lighweigh Concrete (ALC) in China, and our strategic investment in China National Building Material Company (stock code: 3323.hk). Forchn’s environmentally friendly and energy saving products have been well-received by our customers in both China and overseas.