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E-commerce Logistics

As a founding shareholder of Alibaba Group’s Logistics platform – Cainiao Network, Forchn has continued to develop deep expertise in E-commerce logistics and omni-channel supply chain management. Forchn’s Ruyicang provides professional logistics services to leading e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba’s LST new retail platform, VIP.com to enable the rapid fulfilment of online commerce for both the B2C, B2B and B2B2C markets.

In addition to supporting the growth of ecommerce in China, Forchn is also using Singapore and Hong Kong as their regional hubs, to grow with our customers and partners as they venture into the Southeast Asian region to bring the latest in ecommerce expertise.

Forchn Holding expanded its operations in the growing e-commerce market in 2013 by launching Ruyicang, an omni-channel integrated smart warehouse logistics services platform. “Ruyicang”, which literally translates into an “e-warehouse achieving all the wishes and requirements of the clients”, provides professional and efficient packaging service and warehouse and distribution service for e-commerce clients through a self-developed warehousing logistics system. Their clients include E-commerce platform Alibaba Tmall and VIP.com, brand customer P&G and Kappa. Ruyicang is one of the nine founding shareholders of Cainiao Network.

Until September 2017, Ruyicang has established 35 warehouses in 23 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Wuhan. Total build up area is more than 700,000 sqm. To accommodate the booming E-commerce business in China, Ruyicang is expanding very fast and building its nation-wide network. In the next 2 to 3 years, Ruyicang aims to establish 300 warehouses in more than 50 cities, managing more than 5 million sqm build up areas.

For more information on Ruyicang, please visit http://www.ruyicang.com/

Forchn Holdings Group was one of the nine founding members of the joint venture known as Cainiao Network, which was formed by the Alibaba, Intime Retail, Fosun Group, Forchn and five other logistics companies (SF Express, STO Express, ZTO Express, YTO Express and YunDa Express).

Cainiao Network operates the China Smart Logistics Network, which was established to help transform China’s logistics infrastructure through the creation of an open, transparent and shared data platform to serve e-commerce businesses, logistics companies, warehouse companies, third party logistics service providers and supply chain managers in China.

Through big data, intelligence technology and synergy with partners, Cainiao aims to build a global logistic network to improve logistic efficiency, fasten vendor turnover, lower logistic cost and improve customer shopping experience.

Cainiao’s mission is to work with its partners to achieve 24-hour delivery within China, 72-hour delivery world-wide. Data shows that Daily packages delivered every day in China has reached 100 million in 2017. Working with its partners, Cainiao aims to build a more open and smart logistic network to cater the needs of future logistics.

For more information about Cainiao Network, please visit http://www.cainiao.com/